Give your system super powers.

Introducing Flex Box, the first IoT purpose-built line specially created to allow your automation systems to seamlessly integrate with Z-Wave, IR, RTS Somfy, Serial and other technologies natively.


Who We Are






Pioneer and Brazilian, Flex Automation is a company that in 2003 innovated in the smart home segment by bringing Z-Wave Wireless technology to Brazil. 
Besides Z-Wave, Flex has products compatible with LoRa, Tuya, RF433, LoRa, Bluetooth, WiFi, among other protocols, for the most diverse integrations that the automation market requires.


Bridge the Impossible


Expand your systems' capabilities with Flex Boxes. Offer custom and unique solutions beyond what is possible with just native hardware. Integrate pre-existing RF-controlled devices, offer a whole host of unique Z-Wave devices, and easily add Infra-Red control anywhere. All without leaving the convenience of your favorite configurator software. Easily connect powerful lighting controls, sensors, actuators, and other Z-Wave devices. Multiply your ecosystem cost-effectively using Flex Control's free Drivers and API.

Why Flex?

Flex designed the Flex Boxes after decades of experience in Home Automation to add an element of creativity and flexibility to your Control4®, Elan®, Fibaro®, Somfy® and other systems by integrating preexisting subsystems and enabling solutions never before possible - not to replace, but to make them even better.




The cases

São Paulo’s most iconic skyscrapers are 100% Flex 

Figueira Altos do Tatuapé

Height: 552 ft

Floors: 52

Type: Residential Building

Inteligence: 3000 zones


Platina 220 Complex


Height: 563ft

Floors: 48

Type: Mixed Use (Hotel + Residential + Office)

Inteligence: 1500 zones (residential)


Other cases


Flex Box - ZIR 

A purpose-built Z-Wave Bridge designed to allow seemless integration of virtually any Z-Wave device with 2-way feedback and flexible control options with your automation system via LAN or Wi-Fi. 
Easily control Z-Wave and IR devices by using Flex API and either Generic or Device-Specific Free drivers.


Learning IR commands

You can now learn IR commands from your Aircon or A/V remote and integrate it into your system drivers or seemlessly voice control them thru your preferred Alexa device. 




Designed for Stand Alone operation or integrated with Control4® using an embedded LAN/WLAN interface.
AC and PoE power available, fully configurable by Composer® or Flex FC-Config Free Software.



Drivers for generic devices


With the generic device drivers, you can add any Z-Wave device to your project with its basic functionality and feedback.


Drivers for specific devices


Flex is constantly developing and testing drivers for specific devices to enable full integration with all Z-Wave certified products.



IR and Serial


IR and Serial communication (optional) are available to provide additional control and functionality for instaling behind TVs, Hi-Walls or near AV equipment.

Flex Box - Trigger GIR-101


GIR is an IP-to-IR Bridge or Extender that has embedded Configurator software, allowing setup directly from your smartphone or any browser (windows/mac), without the need to install any additional software on your computer. 
Fully integrated with Control4® Composer. Requires no additional installation tools or software to control IR devices via Elan® panels, touchscreens, remote controls, Android and iOS apps. 




Compact and Flexible


The on-board LAN/WLAN protocol and AC/PoE power make the GIR a perfect device to add to any system.






3 built-in routing IR channels make it easy to control devices that are not always well placed or easy to control from the Flex Box Omni-directional IR Blasters.






Four IR outputs plus an optional IR

Trigger Input.




Flex Box - IRF


Professional bridge designed to seamlessly integrate RF433 devices with your automation system. Using IRF you can capture any RF433 or Somfy® RTS® commands, and bind them to your drivers or custom programming within your configuration software. The extended range of RF communication lets you control fans, fireplaces, LEDs, curtains, motorized screens, and more. The bridge connects via LAN or Wi-Fi, and can be powered by either AC power or PoE, allowing for flexible installation anywhere.




Learning RF433 commands


Similar to IR Learning, you can now learn the commands of any open protocol RF433 or Somfy® RTS® control and integrate it into your system drivers.



Somfy® Protocol


The on-board Somfy® protocol allows the integration of vast election of curtains, blinds, shutters, breezes, and motorized screens that use RTS 433 motors.




IR and Optional Serial Communication


IR and optional serial communication are available. They provide additional control and functionality for installation behind Smart TVs, Air Conditioning, and Audio and Video equipment.



Compact and Flexible


Embedded LAN/WLAN protocol and AC/PoE power allow flexible installation in any project.


*Control4® and Composer® are registered trademarks of SnapAV.

*Somfy® RTS® is a registered trademark of Somfy Corp.

*Fibaro® and Elan® are registered trademarks of Nice SpA.