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About Us

Flex provides sustainable solutions and products geared to residential and commercial environments. We deployed a complete and flexible platform fully oriented to the consumer. Our interfaces and devices have a sophisticated and at the same time friendly interface. To facilitate installation, we created intuitive tools and practices to reduce costs and minimize time.

"FLEX" emerged not only as a brand but as MISSION; "to offer products easy to install, with intuitive, elegant interfaces, low cost and mainly FLEXIBLE"

We adopted Wireless Z-Wave protocol because it is a proven technology (12 years on the market), flexible, modular and low cost which ensures comfort, economy and safety in your property.

Our products are installed in thousands of homes in Brazil and soon also in Asia. We provide local R&D as well as support and after-service.
Share your project, bring your idea and get amazed with Flex!



Sylvania Launches in the USA the first products based on Z-Wave technology. Products are displayed in Brasiltec 2003 by Z-Wave Tecnologia do Brasil.


ACT launches a complete line up based on the 1st Gen chipset comprising the first thermostat, the first dimming switch and the first USB interface. Z-Wave do Brasil develops a line of 220V for the Brazilian market.


Designed for retail, Intermatic Home Settings Launches a line up for the DIY market. It includes innovations for big Amp loads such as contactors and a remote control for up to 192 devices.


Z-Wave Tecnologia developed in Brazil the first IR interface-to-ZW based on Intermatic's Tabletop Controller.


ControlThink launches Thinkessentials PRO, the first installation tool for integrators.


Wayne Dalton launches an Access Control line up for Automated Garage Doors and Gates openners.


Intermatic launches Intouch, a line up with exquisite finishing.


Logitech and Monster launch the first Universal Remote Controls with Z-Wave and IR and cloud based programming / Hawking launches the first Remote Access Gateway without the need of a PC.


Leviton launches Vizia, the first sucessful line up with robustness and refined finishing. Z-Wave Tecnologia do Brasil supports Leviton in developping Vizia bivolt version.


The Flex line is launched with multiple Lighting panels, touch buttons and Z-Wave wireless to attend the demand of sophisticated products and services tailored to local market


UEI launches NEVO PRO Universal Controllers line. Z-Wave conquest credibility with large installations. Fortrezz Launches First Flood Sensor and Automated Water Valve.


Z-Flex Gateway: the first Z-Wave product 100% designed and manufactured in Brazil. 10" In-Wall Touchscreen displays allow full home control with custom floor plans. First building with 100% Automated Z-Wave becomes a reality. CommandFusion and other applications allow commands via Tablets.


GE launches a low cost Z-Wave line up, including a Wireless keypad (with battery) that is installed in all units of a building in São Paulo (Gauss) / Honeywell and Black & Decker begin a new era in the global security market with alarm panels and electronic door locks operated by Z-Wave.


The local R&D flies: Wiegand Access Control Interface, Universal Serial Interface, Dry Contact Interface, etc. Flex Launches First Biometric Reader with Z-Wave and the first VRF Air Conditioning Interface controlled by Z-Wave. Other technologies have been integrated with Z-Wave protocol thru Flex interfaces (Crestron, Global Caché, IHC, Lutron, Elan, Bitwise, RedEye, iRoom and others)


The success of the FXN line up spurred the launch of FXA line up, fully touch and borderless. A complete line up of colors and features with 30 combinations, from a simple switch to a combined panel with 4 dimers+4 relays+4 scenes.


With the expansion of tablets, Flex launched the Lumiere Platform, comprising an Android application, a Configurator Software to facilitate installations, a USB interface for PC and Gateway Z-Flex Lite. An unique architecture with low hardware cost and remarkable performance. Flex Automation launches line up of Micro-modules, a low cost solution to ensure the expansion of the customer base.


Even before the publication of the ANEEL's White Tariff, Flex Automation launches Smart Energy line up of smart devices that allow sub-metering and energy demand control. Flex launches first Facial biometric reader with Z-Wave technology.


Flex Automation Introduces New 5th Generation Gateway: Hourly and Conditional schedules, notifications and commands sent via email and / or SMS, longer range, RS232 and RS485 ports and Lumiere for iOS is presented at Predialtec Expo.


LIS: Letterbox Intelligent System is designed to facilitate the life in MDUs who happens to be notified via sms and email whenever there is mail in their mailbox.


GIS- Intelligent Gas System: a domestic protection solution for small leaks and fires with SMS and/ or e-mail notifications and automatic closure of the gas valve.